• Quartzene® in paints
    fireproofs and replaces
    harmful substances

  • Quartzene® in insulation
    replaces toxic materials
    and achieves greater
    fire safety

  • Quartzene® in packaging
    filters out ethylene,
    keeping fruit and veg
    fresh for longer

  • Quartzene® filters
    clean water and air
    more efficiently

  • Quartzene®
    The Next Generation Aerogel

Our Business Areas

Quartzene is well on its way to commercialisation. There has been great interest in the product. A few end products are already on the market and others will soon follow. Now, we are increasing capacity to meet an anticipated increase in demands for greater volumes. Svenska Aerogel’s customers are industries that strive to improve products using innovative nanotechnology. Quartzene adds critical attributes to the end product, improving performance, decreasing material usage and, not least, saving energy.

This is why we will succeed! In the words of Founder, Professor Christer Sjöström

Chairman of the Board, and one of the founders of Svenska Aerogel, Professor Christer Sjöström has been vital for the development of the company. He continues to maintain a central and driving position in the company as it enters a more commercial phase.

Message from the CEO – We have only scratched the surface

The buildup of Master Pilot Plant enters the final stage and capacity increases significantly to meet the expected demand from the market. To drive this, the company has been strengthened with several key employees in 2018. In November, Tor Einar Norbakk took over the responsibility as CEO. The assignment – to lead the company further towards an industrial process industry and an internationalization. So what does he say after the first few months?