About us


Svenska Aerogel started in 2000 as a R&D company based on the product- and processpatents for the material called Quartzene®.  The patented process makes it possible for Svenska Aerogel to produce Quartzene® at a much lower cost than the traditionell aerogel production.


Vision: Quartzene® contribute to a sustainable society that conserve the earth’s resources and where animals and humans can live in a clean environment, free from harmful substances.
Mission: Through the excellent properties of Quartzene® and low manufacturing costs Svenska Aerogel can become a global business in materials industry with a product that can be produced in large volumes and at the same time contribute to a sustainable society.

Quartzene® IN THE MARKET

The possibility to offer Quartzene® at a lower production cost openes up for a wide range of new applications where aerogel has not been previously used due to the high price level. The commercialization will be conducted in various applications and  in close collaboration with industrial partners. At present the focus will be within these three applications.


Quartzene® AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Quartzene®contributes to a sustainable society

Insulation- reducing energy consumption – lower emissions:

Quartzene® is a non-combustible material with superb insulation capacity. When added to a material (paper, concrete, wood, plaster, paint, etc.) the insulation properties improve.  As an example: When adding Quartzene® in mineral wool the insulating ability will be doubled which results in a halved energy consumption. Alternatively, one can halve the thickness of the mineral wool while maintaining the insulation properties.

Paint and coatings – Global demand for paint additives increases.

The amount of expensive and the environmental and health unwanted substances can potentially be significantly reduced with the Quartzene® technique.

Filtration – cleaner liquids and air.

Gas: Quartzene® absorb various gases effectively. To enhance the effect, it is possible to dope the different trapping chemicals that are reacting with the gases to be filtered out. Examples are various sulfur compounds or formaldehyde.
Liquids: Quartzene® effectively filters substances and molecules in liquids.

In production – no negative environmental impact.

The production uses large amounts of water. Waste-water from production has a slightly higher salt content. The waste water circulates and is reused in the production process.
The material Quartzene® itself has no known negative effects on the environment.