environmentalfriendlyCooperation with Svenska Aerogel

Svenska Aerogel have a well-equipped laboratory where we can tailor make smaller samples of modified Quartzene® material and also perform analysis such as thermal conductivity measurement, BET surface measurements, particle size distribution measurements, etc.

We have a pilot production where we can produce larger quantities (some hundreds of liters) of both standard and modified Quartzene® in a controlled environment. Also access to a larger production unit (some thousands of liters or some cubic meters) of standard and modified Quartzene® can be produced for large scale tests.

We have a broad contact net within both the industrial and academic world. For example, Ångström laboratories, IVL, Innventia, CBI, SP-PD and SP-KMY.  Through our contacts with Universities and Research Institutes we have the access to the top experts and equipments for different tests and analysis in the various fields.

If you have special requirements for your particular problem please contact us at and we will try our best to assist you.