Liquid Filtration

valentyn_volkov_249395356Liquid filtration

Quartzene® is a highly effective filter material for liquid filtration. It is silica based, very clean and an extremly porous material. It is this porosity and the very large internal surface, that makes Quartzene® such an excellent filter material. Another  advantage with the Quartzene® material is that the large surface also easily can be customized, to capture certain specific unwanted molecules better.

Filtration of Beverages

Quartzene® filters different alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine very efficiently. Here the unwanted impurities are effectively removed. Quartzene® can also be used in other food liquids such as sweet drinks like juices, syrup and sugars.

Filtration of Water

Quartzene® can also be customized for filtration and purification of drinking water or waste water.

Health and Environment

Svenska Aerogel has a self-developed, patented manufacturing method for Quartzene® which is much more energy and environmentally friendly than the classic methods of producing aerogels. Quartzene® is made of silica which is one of the most common elements found in the crust of the earth. Silica based materials like Quartzene®, are classified as harmless to the health by the American FDA and are permitted in contact with food.


Depending on how and which pollutants are caught in the Quartzene® filter, it can either be regenerated and recycled or sent to deposits or incinerated. How often this needs to be done depends on pollution level in the liquid and the size of the filter.