Top Quartzene® features for enhanced Insulation

•          Superb insulation capacity
•          Fire resistant
•          Low density

Insulation properties

The most interesting of several possible application areas for Quartzene® is insulation. Quartzene® has excellent insulation properties due to the material’s porosity. Even though exposed to high temperatures the material will never burn. This means that Quartzene® is perfectly suitable for drastically improving the insulation properties of most of the existing insulation materials on the market.

Double the thermal efficiency

For the end customer a Quartzene® based insulation panel or blanket could roughly either double its thermal efficiency with the same volume or reduce the material to half the volume with the same thermal efficiency. This translates directly into substantial decrease in square footage or increase in energy savings for the end customer. For those reasons, Svenska Aerogel is aiming for Quartzene® based products to penetrate and replace todays mass-market insulation materials at a steady pace.

Product development

Svenska Aerogel AB’s Quartzene® is a fine and porous silica-based powder. To handle the powder and use its superb insulation capacity it should be made into a more manageable form, such as a board or a blanket. For this to happen, a form or a binding agent is needed. In collaboration with industrial partners we are developing different insulation products based on Quartzene®. The objective is to create a composite material and utilize the superb insulation capacity of Quartzene® to make a thinner and more efficient insulation material than the commercial ones existing today.