Q: Can I buy Quartzene® from you to insulate my house?

A:  We are a not a Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our products will be offered to the public by our industrial partners.

Q: Is your Aerogel transparent?

A: At the moment Quartzene® is produced as a white powder or granule.

Q: Can I as a private person buy shares or invest in Svenska Aerogel?

A: Yes, from the end of 2016 Svenska Areogel will be listed on NASDAQ First North.

Q: Can we have a piece or a sample of Quartzene® for educational purposes?

A: Unfortunately we cannot meet your demands in this matter today.

Q: I am interested in being a distributor of Quartzene®. What do I do?

A: Welcome to send any requests by using this link:  contacting us here.