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From a research company with exciting technology to a commercial Enterprise

Svenska Aerogel can produce Quartzene® at a substantially lower cost compared to traditional production of aerogel. The company is now entering a new phase and means of raising capital will be invested in the production plant in Gävle while the company intends to move from a research company with exciting technology to a commercial enterprise with demand and competitive products.
By listing on the Nasdaq First North, the company expanded access to the capital market, creating more opportunities to implement a faster expansion. Furthermore, the listing is expected to raise awareness of Swedish Aerogel Holding AB, its business and its brand among both excisting as potential customers, partners and suppliers.

A general description has been prepared facing the listing of Swedish Aerogels shares on First North. No new shares will be issued in connection with the listing and no prospectus will be filed at FI (Finansinspektionen)

Communication and information

External information and communication include, for example, reporting to authorities and external financial reporting.

Svenska Aerogel will deliver fast, simultaneous, accurate, relevant and reliable information to existing and potential shareholders and other investors who not only compliance with NASDAQ Stockholm and stock market requirements at the time, but also the company’s own standards.

The company submits financial reports of operations and year-end report and annual reports and they will all be presented on the Svenska Aerogel website.

Svenska Aerogel is using the website to be able to quickly provide information to the stock market. Significant events are published through separate press releases.