About us

Svenska Aerogel manufactures a unique product – Quartzene® Next Generation Aerogel. Quartzene allows materials to be used in different ways to give them entirely new properties. By adding Quartzene, the end product becomes more efficient by using less material, reducing weight, replacing plastic and saving energy.

 Welcome to the Silicon Age!

Developing new materials is one of humanity’s major milestones that delimit different historical periods and change the world around us. The Stone, Iron, Bronze Ages were periods that are named after their most important materials. So that’s why I want to say:

– Welcome to the silicon age!

This is why we will succeed! In the words of founder, Professor Christer Sjöström

One of the founders of Svenska Aerogel, Professor Christer Sjöström has been vital for the development of the company. Here are his words on why we will succeed.