About Svenska Aerogel

Svenska Aerogel develops and commercialises Quartzene®, a material that is produced using a flexible, environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective manufacturing method. Commercialisation of the product will be conducted in a number of different applications, primarily in insulation, paint and coatings, printability and filtration.

Svenska Aerogel is now leaving the development phase and is on its way to becoming an industrial company with an internationally recognised product – Quartzene. The ramp up of the Master Pilot Plant is nearing the end, significantly increasing capacity to meet the increased market demands that are anticipated.

Quartzene – The Next Generation Aerogel. Quartzene is a material that is used in a number of applications in the manufacturing industry. Quartzene generally enhances the end product by improving performance, using fewer materials and saving energy. The product manufacturing is unique in many ways. It is the first of its kind and has been designed as a modular concept. It creates flexibility and customisation based on manufacturing needs and customer requirements. The company’s concept enables efficient establishment of a manufacturing facility on the customer site or in customer-dense areas.

From aerogel to QUARTZENE

Aerogels have very low density and high porosity. Only 1-15 percent of its volume consists of solid material, whereas the remaining parts consist of the surrounding gas or vacuum.

Based on aerogel attributes, Svenska Aerogel developed the Quartzene material, which, in reality, is a flexible platform of nanoporous material, the chemistry, structure and coating of which can vary. Quartzene is manufactured in a wet chemical process followed by drying phases and a number of finishes tailored to meet the needs of the customer. Once fully developed, the process will use material and energy very efficiently compared to classic aerogel manufacturing.

Quartzene can be adapted to a number of applications thanks to its extremely nano-porous structure and the hydrophilic (water absorbent) or hydrophobic (water repellent) properties of the material.


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