Business Concept

Business plan - Svenska Aerogel 2.0

The new business plan Svenska Aerogel 2.0 is a customer-centered platform that strengthens the company’s position in the commercialization phase. The business plan shows how Quartzene creates value throughout the value chain – from manufacturing to customers and end users who demand new sustainable solutions.

The company has developed from research, via start-up, and is now being scaled-up. The vision is clear and summarizes the customer, outside world and company efforts to develop new material solutions for a sustainable world.

Our vision is to be the most valuable business partner with pioneering material solutions for a sustainable world.

CUSTOMERS – Manufacturing industries that want their products to have more effective insulation against cold, heat, acoustics and fire. They want lighter and more efficient solutions to reduce material consumption, increase space and safety, replace plastic – and preferably several of these benefits the same solution. This is possible with Quartzene. Svenska Aerogel’s technology is adapted to the customer’s needs and offers solutions with the common purpose of creating material solutions that meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

SELECTED MARKETING SEGMENTS – The ambition is to find applications where Quartzene has the greatest benefit in its most natural form. Svenska Aerogel has identified four market segments where it sees the greatest opportunities for rapid commercialization. These are transport, process industry, paper and pulp as well as real estate and the construction industry. 

SALES – Direct sales to strategically important customers as well as through distributors in industrialized parts of the world. 

PARTNERS & PROJECTS – The company’s product portfolio is continuously developed in various development projects. The projects are either externally financed through partners or run in-house together with customers in selected segments. Svenska Aerogel sees projects as opportunities to demonstrate the benefits of Quartzene for the manufacturer before launching a new product. 

PRODUCTION – Svenska Aerogel contributes to a sustainable future by using natural resources – silicon, water and energy in a unique manufacturing process. The factory in Gävle is the first of its kind in the world for the production of Quartzene. The Master Pilot Plant was completed in December 2019, and has the capacity to produce 225 tons of Quartzene per year (depending on the type of material). The plant is today CE-marked and approved to produce up to 1,000 tons of Quartzene per year. 

MODULES – The production is designed in MODULES. This makes it possible to set up customized production at a customer’s site or in customer-dense areas. It reduces environmental impact with less transport and increases customer efficiency.