Business Model and Strategy

Svenska Aerogel’s strategy is to leverage Quartzene’s versatile properties and low production costs to develop new applications in close cooperation with industry partners and to enable industrial production.

Svenska Aerogel produces Quartzene, an additive for use in various manufacturing applications or as an end product such as filtration. Quartzene is manufactured on the company’s site in Gävle or in the vicinity of customer sites or customer-dense areas. Manufacturing has a modular design to offer flexibility and customisation based on customer needs.

The product is sold directly to strategically important customers and through value-creating retailers in the industrialised parts of the world. The ambition is to discover applications in which Quartzene is best used in its natural form. The purpose is to reach material efficiency by improving performance, using fewer materials and saving energy.

The company’s product portfolio is continuously being developed through R&D projects. These projects can be financed by partners or done in-house in collaboration with customers, in which we develop products and services in applications that customers are willing to pay for. The projects enable Quartzene to be used in commercial applications that are anticipated to bring in revenues when the products are released on the market. By participating in these projects, Svenska Aerogel feels it has the opportunity to prove Quartzene’s properties and evolve into commercial production.



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