Svenska Aerogel currently has fourteen employees. Its production and office are in Gävle, about 200 km north of Stockholm. Svenska Aerogel Holding AB is the parent company in the Group and the operating activities are conducted by the wholly owned subsidiary Svenska Aerogel AB.

The organization has developed from research, via start-up, and is now being scaled up for major industrial orders. In recent years, Svenska Aerogel has gathered unique competence and experience of product development with Quartzene. Together with international formulation expertise, this supports customers to develop new products with Quartzene.

The technology in the factory and Quartzene formulas are continuously developed to be adapted to specific requirements in different applications.

Company values

Svenska Aerogel’s employees have strong values that are directly linked to its vision – to be the most valuable partner to customers and provide cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable world. Our three values are:

  • We are an innovative team with a clear purpose to direct our technology toward the future.
  • We understand our customers’ needs and inspire them to succeed with efficient and sustainable products for a better world.
  • We promote global benefit and take into account health, safety and environmental impact at every step.

Join us

Svenska Aerogel continuously reviews the need for additional skills and human resources in line with market developments.

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