Svenska Aerogel’s strategy is to leverage Quartzene’s versatile properties and low production costs to develop new applications in close cooperation with industry partners and to enable industrial production. The company currently has two projects under contract with industrial partners. They are:

SME – Quartzene: The purpose is for four leading material manufacturers of thermal (heating/cooling) insulation to enable production of high-volume applications with improved thermal capabilities. The project is financed by the EU Horizon 2020 program.

Aerofilter: “Improved indoor environment and extended preservation for food in refrigerators”, financed by Eurostar by Vinnova and TUBITAK. The project involves four companies and organizations. Quartzene® is used as a filter material for indoor air purification and for extending the life of food stored in the refrigerator. This cooperation is regulated by a consortium agreement.

Both projects contribute to Quartzene being used in commercial applications that are anticipated to generate income when the products are released to the market. By participating in these projects, Svenska Aerogel feels it has the opportunity to prove Quartzene’s properties and evolve into commercial production.