Our Market Segments


The benefits of Quartzene are recognized by industries working to develop new materials for sustainable solutions. Quartzene contributes with end-product properties and in most cases the customer gains several benefits from one single solution. These are benefits such as insulation against heat, cold, sound and fire – to reduce the weight of an end product and replace plastic.

Quartzene is available in several variations and is optimized according to customer need. The applications are endless, and Svenska Aerogel has chosen four segments with significant potential for a large-scale commercial breakthrough.

The common purpose for customers in these segments is to create advanced material solutions with Quartzene to reduce environmental impact, improve safety and comfort while promoting the customer’s business.

Development work is underway on a broad front with various customer applications. Some have reached the market with products containing Quartzene, several are close to commercialization while others need more time to develop. Svenska Aerogel has developed great competence and experience from development work and tests together with customers, and today offers qualified support in the development phase prior to the launch of new products.

Other potential markets

Svenska Aerogel currently focuses on four market segments. At the same time, new ideas for different applications are continuously evaluated. For example, there are great opportunities for Quartzene technology to be used in the broad area of Life Science (medicine, biology, food and drink, cosmetics, etc.). The company is currently involved in two Life Science projects where development is ongoing with external partners.