Pulp and paper

Demand in the pulp and paper industry is mainly driven by the need for products with low weight and good pressure and barrier properties (via absorption). Quartzene in coatings provides sharper printing and a more efficient printing process to contribute with several benefits from one single solution:

  • Sharper and faster printing
  • Replaces plastic as a barrier
  • Reduces weight and material consumption

Application examples: Improved printing resolution, thermal insulation, and as a barrier for paper and board products.

Customers: Manufacturers of paper, decorative paper and board for inkjet printing, as well as producers of food packaging and other packaging with high quality printing requirements.

Market potential – Quartzene in the pulp and paper industry

Svenska Aerogel is working to find areas where Quartzene can be used to insulate in bulk, i.e. in addition to surface layers. A number of promising collaborations have begun where Quartzene is incorporated into foamed polyurethane insulation products. The amount of additive is relatively low, but the volumes in these areas are very large, which is why there is good potential for Quartzene.

During 2020, Svenska Aerogel has stepped up its work to find applications where Quartzene can be used to insulate in bulk, i.e. in addition to surface layers.

The Asia-Pacific region (APAC) is expected to drive growth in the process industry and deliver an average growth (CAGR) of 5.9 percent on an annual basis through 2023. [3] The escalating industrialization and the increased disposable income within APAC are examples of driving forces that are expected to form the basis for the development. On a more general level, demand in the process industry is driven by the increased need for energy efficiency, stability in processes, safety, protection against corrosion, comfort and avoiding damage.

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