Eurostars project E113346 - QuarInTex

Start: 1 Sept 2019

End: March 1, 2022

Project manager Svenska Aerogel: Roland Ek, 070-592 9843, roland.ek@aerogel.se

Quartzene is noted for the effective insulating property that the material provides as an additive in a product. Svenska Aerogel is  collaborating with one of Europe's largest textile manufacturers to develop a manufacturing process that enables the integration of Quartzene into a variety of woven textiles to produce textile-based thermal insulation materials and fabrics.

The consortium agreement includes Sun Tekstil, one of Europe's largest manufacturers in the textile industry, developing collections and manufactures clothing for some of the world's most popular fashion brands. In addition to the clothing industry, they work with military textiles, vehicle textiles, workwear and medical textiles.

The project is run as a consortium in which a leading paint manufacturer, DYO Boya Fab, also participates with the aim of marketing a completely new environmentally friendly binder to the technical textile market. The company operates export trade in about forty countries. Technical Textile means that the function is at the center. And with Quartzene as an additive, we get a textile that is insulating against heat and cold. It is of great importance for, among other things, building construction and the automotive industry, where a textile can replace significantly more space-consuming materials. There is also great interest from the clothing industry. Many professional clothes require strong insulating protection, but also clothes and equipment used in extreme weather conditions.

The project is partly financed through Eurostar-eureka, where Vinnova is responsible for the Swedish part with approximately SEK 2.5 million distributed over the project's duration of 30 months. The other two parties to the agreement are Turkish companies. Svenska Aerogel coordinates the entire project.