Sales Channels

Sales are driven by our own sales force and value-creating distributors to strategically important customers in four segments.

The technical competence of selected distributors is seen as crucial as the first phases of sales require joint technical studies and tests that are run together between Svenska Aerogel, distributor and customer. Svenska Aerogel is now represented in Europe, Asia and North America, and works long-term with partners to find appliqations where Quartzene adds value. 

Svenska Aerogel's distributors:

Taiwan and China: Rayoung Chemtech Inc. and Hangzhou Rayoung Trading Ltd

South Korea: Jinwoo Chemicals Trading Co

Israel: Jacobson Agencies Ltd

Germany: Worlée Chemie GmbH

The Netherlands: Vesta Chemicals bv

France: Novcoat

Italy: Krahhn Italia S.p.A

Poland: Krahn Chemie Polska

Turkey: Mavi Kimyasal

USA: Van Horn Metz & Co

Greece: Tricardos S.A.