Göran Hedman joins Svenska Aerogel
February 16, 2015

Göran has a background as a Chemical Engineer and was before joining  Svenska Arogel working for ETEX Group, SINIAT BV as Technical Manager The Nordics.  Responsible for the technical area in terms of business development and customer relations. He was also part of the management team developing The Nordics into a separate business unit.

Göran has a vast international background after working more than 15  years abroad.  In 1998 he moved to Shanghai China where he worked for Lafarge Plasterboard as a Technical Manager in a Joint-Venture between Sonoco US and Lafarge. After three years in China he came back to Europe and worked for more than 12 years in Avignon France, as a Senior Product Development Manager for Lafarge/ETEX Gypsum Division Center. Leading division level and business unit sponsored product development projects in surface coatings, papers and facers for gypsum boards. Responsible for development, validation and transfers of technical processes, products and innovations in the above areas to all business units, around 30 business units producing gypsum boards and 1 paper mill.

Short summary:
I have during my professional life worked in both direct reporting and cross-functional positions. This has given me a broad base on how to manage and motivate people in different working environments and also provided me with a strong foundation for taking on a wide range of challenges.

The international experience during the years outside my home country have given me a deep understanding in managing and working together with many different nationalities and cultures.

My expertises are project management, product development, surface applications on gypsum boards as coatings impregnations, laminations, printing and their industrialisation, paper manufacturing and quality, training of technical and marketing people in paper and formulated products for gypsum boards.



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