Eurostar project-Aerofilter
April 10, 2016

The AeroFilter project has started in April 2016 and will run 24 months with a budget of 1.1 M€ funded by Eurostar. Svenska Aerogel (SvAAB) will be the responsible partner for the project coordination.

The growing urbanization along with an improved lifestyle and an accelerated demand for new commodities and products has caused an increased emission of chemicals. Chemicals that cannot be removed from the ambient surrounding using conventional air particle filters.

The project goal is to develop a series of nanoporous silica based filters, in which each filter is tailor-made to adsorb a predefined group of chemicals from the surrounding air. Depending on the chemical residues present in an ambient environment a selection of these filters can be combined and assembled in a filter cartridge. The possibility to vary and select the types of media in the filter cartridge will allow the implementation of the novel technology from the proposed study in a wide range of applications.

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