SvAAB New Project SME-Quartzene-Funded by European Commission
May 2, 2016

By using nanotechnology, Svenska Aerogel has developed a patented process that allows for the manufacture of an aerogel-type material called Quartzene®, that is fully recyclable and with unique properties, which can be manufactured at a 70-90% lower cost than all other aerogels. This means that for the first time aerogels can be applied in mass-market applications such as insulation in buildings, coatings and disposable food containers.
Effective insulation is vital in order to solve the problem with climate change. Especially considering that buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. Adding aerogels such as Quartzene® as thermal insulation to existing buildings in the EU could potentially lower CO2-emissions from heating and cooling by 42% (353 million tons per year).

Quartzene® is considered an “ingredient” that can be incorporated in other insulation materials. It offers a great benefit as a low cost core-material since it requires substantially lower temperatures in the manufacturing process. It is also very suitable due to the low density, the customized nano-porosity, the fact that it is fire proof and fully recyclable.
Svenska Aerogel has since 2010 developed and tested the material together with leading insulation companies that are looking to incorporate aerogels in their insulation materials but have so far been hindered by the high cost. In the Quartzene project, Svenska Aerogel will together with four (4) of these potential (existing and future) customers demonstrate and qualify the nano-material in an operational environment (TRL 7-9), thereby proving both the possible use of the nano-material in insulation and the manufacturing process.

The total project budget is estimated to be approx. 1.435 MEUR. With 70% of the cost covered by the SME instrument, Svenska Aerogel will, together with 5 public and private investors , fund the remaining 30% (approx. 430 000 EUR).

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