Dig into Quartzene and Svenska Aerogel!

August 31, 2018

Four of our researchers, with Farnaz Ghajeri in the lead, have recently published a scientific article. It describes some variants of our material -Quartzene®- and a number of applications we work with. The article provides a good summary of what green chemistry can be and the great possibilities with Quartzene®.

Learn more about the methodology, the process, analysis results and challenges. The article is a documentary of the presentation given by Svenska Aerogel after being invited to the “21st Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference” in the US.

Global demand for nanomaterials continues to increase, and there are high expectations for innovations in material development involving Quartzene. With Svenska Aerogel’s method of manufacturing Quartzene®, the market can now be offered an aerogel that is commercially cost effective and with minimal environmental impact.

Read the article here: Case Study of a Green Nanporous Material from Synthesis to Commercialisation:Quartzene®

For further information, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Christer Sjöström, Head, Research & Development+46 70-546 5916 christer.sjostrom@aerogel.se



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