Svenska Aerogel fortsätter global lansering – Paris nästa!

Februar 28, 2018

The interest in Svenska Aerogel’s version of the super-material aerogel – Quartzene – is great. At the end of March we will be represented at Eurocoat in Paris, Europe’s largest and leading fair for the paint&coatings industry. Most of Europe’s leading buyers will attend.

This is the first time Svenska Aerogel attends the fair. We do it together with one of our distributors – Novcoat – that markets solutions with Quartzene to a large part of Europe.

At the Paris Exhibition, Novcoat will present products / solutions where Quartzene is included and Novcoat has specially asked for Svenska Aerogel’s presence.
EUROCOAT 2018 is Europe’s largest trade fair for the paint&coating industry 2018 and Quartzene will be presented to over 5,000 French and international visitors for three days.

Quartzene in paint&coatings is a highly prioritized businessarea for Svenska Aerogel and the market interest is high. By adding Quartzene in paint & coatings, you get a product that insulates against heat, cold and even acoustics.



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