Svenska Aerogel enters the US

April 25, 2018

Following the trade shows in Europe and Asia, Svenska Aerogel now starts the process to get established in the North American market. The company was represented at the American Coatings Show in Indiana to promote Quartzene – The next-generation aerogel.

“We met with several very interesting prospects and were also greatly helped by the introduction that our reseller in the United States has made to potential customers”, says Roland Ek, new Product Manager at Svenska Aerogel.

The reseller, contracted earlier this year, is Van Horn, Metz & Co, who markets specialty chemicals to the manufacturing industry on the US east coast and in Canada since the 1950s.

Van Horn, Metz & Co. gathered their complete sales force for a shorter training in Quartzene – its characteristics and possibilities. The company has six sales offices strategically located across the eastern US and a total of twelve warehouses.

“Fairs gives us great opportunity to reach the markets for the paint industry, and as we enter North America, we take advantage of the exhibitions done in Europe and Asia last year. We are prepared and can be of great assistance to the customers now starting their Quartzene development projects. The purpose is, of course, to develop new competitive products. It takes a long time depending on the size and capacity of the company, but we expect about nine to twelve months from a first contact to a first launch, explains CEO Anders Lundström.

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Svenska Aerogel is a Swedish company that has developed Quartzene® – The Next Generation Aerogel. The unique manufacturing process enables Svenska Aerogel to offer Quartzene® with better technical performance combined with a lower price, compared to other aerogel manufacturers. The leading business areas are Thermal Insulation, Paint&Coatings and Filtration. Svenska Aerogel Holding AB is listed on Nasdaq First North and FNCA is the designated Certified Adviser.


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