Paint and Coatings

Paint and Coatings is the business area that has come the furthest in terms of commercialization. Here, sales are ongoing and a number of customers have begun marketing paint and coating products. The focus is primarily on thermal insulation coatings, for example, when Quartzene is mixed with paint, it will prevent a surface from getting hot.

Our Business Areas

Quartzene is well on its way to commercialisation. There has been great interest in the product. A few end products are already on the market and others will soon follow. Now, we are increasing capacity to meet an anticipated increase in demands for greater volumes. Svenska Aerogel’s customers are industries that strive to improve products using innovative nanotechnology. Quartzene adds critical attributes to the end product, improving performance, decreasing material usage and, not least, saving energy.

Market Drivers – Challenges and Risks

The need to conserve energy drives the market. Insulation coatings could make up a large percentage of energy savings in industrial applications.


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