Investing in a Quick Ramp-up of the Organization

As interest and sales increase, Svenska Aerogel needs to scale up its operations. This applies to both the organization itself and the manufacturing units.

In order to leverage the strong head start we have, we need to hire more engineers in development, sales and production.

Svenska Aerogel needs to hire sales and marketing engineers to quickly take advantage of our strong position and take advantage of the great interest we encounter. We are only in the beginning of building a global network of partners and value-creating retailers who will include Quartzene in their products and solutions. Here we are working to get a global organization in place with representation in all parts of the world, not least in the most important countries. Today, Svenska Aerogel is represented in Europe and Asia, a relationship which will be further deepened. The focus in 2018 is to get us firmly planted in the US market. A larger scale launch will take place at the all-important North American Coating Show in April 2018.

As we anticipate increased sales, we need to further strengthen our manufacturing capacity. Our next step is to produce between 20 – 40 tons per month in three shifts, compared to our current 3 tons per month. Here our goal is to build an easily scaled production unit.

We have a great lead when it comes to IP protection and our experience in development. This is something we strive to maintain, which is why we are turning to the stock market and reissuing.



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