Filtering of gases and liquids

In the business area Filtration of gases and liquids, preparations are being made for a wider market introduction. One example of how Quartzene can be used is to capture the gas ethylene. A gas that causes fruits and vegetables to mature faster and simply rot, something that costs the food industry big sums. In addition, in order to slow the decay process, it is common for fruits and vegetables to be sprayed, which is harmful to both the environment and health.

Svenska Aerogel cooperates with the Turkish white goods producer Arcelik. Here is the development of appliances where Quartzene is used to filter out ethylene from the air in refrigerators. This means that the sustainability of fruits and vegetables will be greatly prolonged. This is also applicable to larger refrigeration plants, such as grocery stores. Discussions are also ongoing with apple producers to supply Quartzene in packaging to extend the life of apples.

Another use is created by the fact that Quartzene is not combustible as opposed to activated carbon activated media. Due to the flexibility offered by the process, Quartzene filter media can be tailored to handle various types of gaseous air pollutants, such as sulfur contamination, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, and more. Together with the Swedish Environment Institute (IVL), filtration solutions are now being developed for volatile gases, especially formaldehyde and ethylene.



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