Thermal insulation (improved insulation ability)

Quartzene is extremely porous and has excellent insulating properties. It is also environmentally friendly, cannot burn and withstand very high temperatures without changing. Quartzene can improve the properties of most existing materials and products within insulation.

The company is currently collaborating with four manufacturers to develop highly efficient commercial products. One example is to use Quartzene in classic insulation materials, thereby achieving a half of energy consumption in many cases. Alternatively, the thickness of the insulation material can be halved with retained insulation ability, which creates the ability to isolate even in confined spaces.

Even for the paper industry, we have obtained great results from tests with Quartzene and its insulating ability.

The global insulation materials market is estimated to be worth about SEK 500 billion by 2020.

Even within the Thermal Insulation business area, Svenska Aerogel conducts development projects with partners to develop commercial solutions. Four of the customer projects will result in high performance insulation products where we will compete directly with products such as stone wool, glass wool and other aerogel based insulation products such as the US stock market company Aspen aerogel product “Space loft”. The ambition is that the products should have about twice as good insulation as traditional insulation products, but a clearly attractive price compared to the aerogel-based products available on the market today. The purpose is to use these products in the automotive industry, where there are requirements for a lower level of noise, such as technical insulation of machine parts, especially at higher temperatures; in house construction to insulate walls and ceilings as well as in textiles (functional clothes, tents, curtains etc. ).

Thermal Insulation projects are still in development phase. Svenska Aerogel expects sales to start in 2019, although one of the projects has the ambition to be completed in 2018



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