The benefits of Quartzene

The benefits of Quartzene are recognized by industries working to develop new materials with sustainable solutions. Quartzene enhances an end product such as greater insulation properties against heat, cold, sound and fire – to contribute to weight loss and replace plastic. The customer often obtains several of these properties in one and the same solution with Quartzene.

Quartzene is extremely porous and has excellent insulating properties. It is also environmentally friendly, cannot burn and can withstand very high temperatures without changing. Thus, Quartzene can improve the properties of most materials and products in insulation.

Quartzene is a versatile material that can add or enhance a number of properties at the same time in a product. What unites most of the properties is the connection to the sustainability challenges that the world faces in energy management, the electrification of transport, safety, and the environment. Quartzene products insulate against heat, cold and sound, they can increase safety through fire retardant properties and reduce the risk of burns from hot surfaces. Quartzene has excellent absorption properties that can be used for improved printability, and to absorb or limit the spread of specific liquids and gases.

Svenska Aerogel focuses on four segments where Quartzene is in demand due to its efficiency and versatility: Transport, Processindustry, Paper & pulp and Building & Construction. 

Thermally and acoustically insulating products that are also lightweight and fire-retardant are good examples of products for the transport industry. The electrification of our transport systems requires efficient batteries that must be insulated. Quartzene can advantageously be integrated into known materials to create solutions to several of these challenges.

The process industry is continuously working on energy and capacity improvements and several surface treatment systems based on Quartzene are being launched to be used as insulation.

To reduce the climate footprint in Europe, the EU has, through legislation, introduced strict requirements for the existing building stock, which was often built when energy performance was not a priority. These buildings will need to be renovated with efficient solutions that do not take up too much space. New construction of wood is a strong trend in sustainable construction, as the production of cement has a very large climate impact. Quartzene works as an effective and environmentally sound additive for adequate fire protection.