About us

Svenska Aerogel has developed and commercialized Quartzene®, a material that is produced using a flexible, environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective manufacturing method. Commercialization of the product will be conducted in a number of different applications, primarily in insulation, paint and coatings, and filtration, in close cooperation with partners in the industry.

This is why we will succeed! In the words of Founder, Professor Christer Sjöström

Chairman of the Board, and one of the founders of Svenska Aerogel, Professor Christer Sjöström has been vital for the development of the company. He continues to maintain a central and driving position in the company as it enters a more commercial phase.

Message from the CEO – Greater interest from customers than we ever hoped for

Everything has fallen neatly into place for Svenska Aerogel in the last year thanks to our Quartzene solution. Quartzene is a substantially improved and considerably more cost-effective version of the super material aerogel. As we are increasingly acknowledged for our accomplishments, interest from customers and partners has proven greater than we could hope for.