Svenska Aerogel receives order for special coatings –        Customer launch by paint manufacturer nC Surface

Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel has received a first smaller order from the global paint manufacturer nC Surface Technology. The company has decided to include Svenska Aerogel's solution, Quartzene, in all their coating systems and the customer launch starts. nC Technology estimates a consumption of Quartzene worth about 150 MSEK / year in a successful launch.

Svenska Aerogel in strategic research collaborations

Svenska Aerogel - listed on Nasdaq First North - has entered into two strategic cooperation agreements in the filtering business area. One is a research group at three of Britain's leading universities funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The other is within the Swedish research program Mistra TerraClean, which includes several Swedish universities and research institutes. In both collaborations, Svenska Aerogel participates with expertise and the material, Quartzene, to develop improved filtering solutions.

Successful results with one of Europe’s largest carpet manufacturer

Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel's development project with one of Europe's largest carpet manufacturers shows the expected results. The purpose of this project is to develop carpets with highly improved acoustic performance as well as thermal insulation by including the by Svenska Aerogel patented material Quartzene.  

Leading car manufacturer evaluates Quartzene

A leading car manufacturer in the premium segment has decided to continue its evaluation after positive results of the Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel solution Quartzene. The car manufacturer evaluates the Quartzene both for cars powered by combustion engines and electricity.

Svenska Aerogel develops fire protection coatings

Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel extends the use of Quartzene® - for paint & coating products and develops a fire-resistant paint solution. These products are especially demanded by the construction industry. The development will start this autumn, partly financed by the Vinnova, Swedish Innovation Agency, and besides Svenska Aerogel two RISE institutes (Research Institutes of Sweden) and the Linnaeus University are involved.

Aerogel signs cooperation agreement with Chinese Chempons – Launches Aerogel solution in China fourth quarter this year

Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel has signed a cooperation agreement - a Letter of Intent - with Chempons, a Chinese manufacturer specializing in thermal insulation. Already in November this year, Chempons intends to launch a heat-insulating specialty paint - based on Svenska Aerogel's patented aerogel, Quartzene®,  at the China International Exhibition China Coat.

Aerogel launching Quartzene® in South Korea – dealer will initiate sales immediately

Svenska Aerogel – listed on Nasdaq First North – has signed an agreement with its first dealer in the South Korean market. JTC Jinwoo Trading Co. Ltd., which focuses its operations on specialty chemicals, will initiate sales in Q2. The company has an extensive network of customers within Aerogel’s Paint&Coatings business area. 

New filter material for cleaner air in refrigerators

Svenska Aerogel, together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, has developed a filter material that dramatically increases the life of fruit and vegetables. The presence of ethylene in refrigerator air accelerats the maturation process. By filtering out ethylene, the life of fruit and vegetables can be extended.


One of the major applications for Quartzene® is filtration. Considering the global environmental movement for clean air and clean water the development of new and better filters is necessary. Svenska Aerogel has recently filed a patent application for a new method where Quartzene® is used in a water filter to remove Naphta products (crude oil).

Svenska Aerogel signs retail agreement for Central Europe

This agreement is made with the Dutch value added reseller VESTA Intracon bv and the promotion starts immediately. Svenska Aerogel has recently signed similar contracts covering the French speaking countries, the southern part of Europe as well as Nordics and Baltics.


–Svenska Aerogel reports a decrease in total income and a negative result for 2016.  Total income amounted to SEK 7,6 million compared to SEK 9,7 million in 2015. The result was -13,0 million compared to -4,9 million in 2015. “The decrease in total income was primarily a result of planned reduced income from ongoing EU projects”, comments CEO Anders Lundström.  

Research for the automotive industry

Katie Jang, (Hyeryong Jang) senior researcher at Kolon Glotech in Korea is visiting Svenska Aerogel for two weeks. Kolon Glotech is a partner in a R&D project managed by Svenska Aerogel and partly financed by the EU Commission as a Horizon 2020 project. Katie will be working in close cooperation with the team at Svenska Aerogel and perform laboratory work and analyses. The objectives for Kolon Glotech is to improve the surface treatments/coatings through regulating surface temperatures and to study new acoustic damping products for the automotive industry. This can be achieved when using Quartzene®.

Svenska Aerogel is entering the African market

A distribution contract has been signed between Svenska Aerogel and Dry Tech Aerogels Ltd, South Africa. Dry Tech Aerogels is primarily promoting Quartzene® to its customers in different Paint & Coating applications with the ambition to expand into other areas as well. The company will also continue to develop new products based on Quartzene® a work that has been ongoing since Spring 2016. Svenska Aerogel has already signed similar contracts covering Nordics, Baltics and the central /south parts of Europe.

Svenska Aerogel signs agreement with a French distributor

Svenska Aerogel has signed an agreement with the French distributor NOVCOAT to promote Quartzene® in central and southern Europe. A similar contract was recently signed with IMCD covering Nordics and Baltics.

Svenska Aerogel signs agreement with IMCD N.V., a leading distributor; starting with the Nordics and Baltics.

A contract between the two companies has been signed and Svenska Aerogels commercialization of Quartzene® is now under way.  IMCD will begin to promote Svenska Aerogels Quartzene® to its customer base, predominantly focusing on the paint and coatings market. Whilst this agreement currently covers the Nordics and Baltics, it is Svenska Aerogels ambition to expand the collaboration with IMCD to include other markets in the future.

Positive notice in advance – Granted European patent

Svenska  Aerogel has received an advance notice of a granted patent regarding a method for gas filtration. The patent will be published in a bulletin from the European Patent Office around January 25, 2017.