Dig into Quartzene and Svenska Aerogel!

Four of our researchers, with Farnaz Ghajeri in the lead, have recently published a scientific article. It describes some variants of our material -Quartzene®- and a number of applications we work with. The article provides a good summary of what green chemistry can be and the great possibilities with Quartzene®.

Svenska Aerogel enters the US

Following the trade shows in Europe and Asia, Svenska Aerogel now starts the process to get established in the North American market. The company was represented at the American Coatings Show in Indiana to promote Quartzene – The next-generation aerogel.

Svenska Aerogel continues global launch – Paris next!

The interest in Svenska Aerogel's version of the super-material aerogel - Quartzene - is great. At the end of March we will be represented at Eurocoat in Paris, Europe's largest and leading fair for the paint&coatings industry. Most of Europe's leading buyers will attend.